Coach Kim Porath

Coach Kim Porath

Who am I and why I care:

I am a lover of fitness, movement and supportive community.  I have always been an athlete and have felt a calling to the area of fitness. Whether that has been just for my own health or for others as a coach, I love to teach others how to move and move well, but I also love to learn.

I have learned more about women’s fitness from my own pregnancy and postpartum chapters than from any other period in my life. I have grown and evolved so much in my thinking and views of my own body, of my motivations and of my priorities. I have struggled through these seasons with a lack of information on how to train and have been frustrated by injuries and imbalances in my body. I’ve been especially curious and then encouraged when I can’t do something, and then research and finally discover a way to make my body move better. My understanding of training through pregnancy and postpartum has developed so much and will continue to develop. I am very excited to work with women who are just like me in their struggles and frustrations and to assist them to succeed and achieve their goals. This is what drives me. 

 I hold a Bachelor of Science Degree in Exercise Science from the University of Western Michigan, a CrossFit Level 1 Trainer Certificate, and a Pregnancy and Postpartum Athleticism Coach’s Course Certificate. 

 I am a wife to a wonderful husband, Ben, and a mother to two gorgeous kids, Levi (3) and Adeline (1). 

Coaching Philosophy:

Coach – A leader, but most importantly I am a servant, I serve

Calling – Because of my experiences, this has become important to me, and have lead me down this path.

Care – I don’t do this for any other reason than I want to help others. Help them achieve their goals and a better quality of life.

Compassion – Each client matters to me in a unique way. I’m on this journey with them.

Connection - Coach to client and client to client/mom to mom. I want to build a team environment where we are mutually supportive.

Constructive – Focused on the positive, not comparing to anyone inside or outside of the gym.