Fitness training for women.

Whether you are currently pregnant, wanting to get pregnant, newly postpartum or its been years since your last baby; you have someone willing to come along side you and help you navigate these seasons of your fitness journey.

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After moving across the country for the second time in 2 years and recently having a baby, I needed to get back into a good exercise regimen but was scared that I was going to build new patterns that would compensate for the weaknesses in my core from growing and having a baby. There were other postpartum programs that promised to help me learn what I needed, but they were far away or through virtual course work. Kim at PP&B met in person with me and actually worked with me to not only show me better ways to move, but helped correct me when I did it wrong. She is relatable and actually cares about her clients understanding the movements to help them be the best mom/athlete they can be!
— Emily H.


Postpartum can be a very confusing and discouraging time in regards to our fitness. It can be very frustrating sometimes adapting to your “postpartum body”. It doesn’t have to be like this. Many things we experience postpartum are “common” but not “normal”.


Much of the guidance given to pregnant women can be very vague and general regarding exercising and staying active throughout pregnancy?

“Just continue doing what you have been doing” or “Just listen to your body”

Supporting and empowering women throughout their pregnancies, helping them make informed decisions regarding their training that will allow them to continue and/or return to what they love to do as well as sustain their long-term function and performance.